Codesigns’ Android application: OrioCenter


Peoples!!!! Codesigns has just release its first Android application: OrioCenter. It provides full services to the travellers departing/arriving/going through the famous airport in northern italy: Orio Al Serio. Thanks to this application, the User can watch current departures/arrivals , receive notifications about the desired flights, watch the current position of an aiborne plane, have all services and transports info into device. For more features download the app and give us a rate with a great [...]


AT commands on Android


Hello folks, here we are again. During these long months I’ve been quite busy developing on all mobile platforms. I ended up on something interesting in Android: AT commands. AT commands are also known as Hayes AT commands. There are different views to understand the meanings of “AT”. Some call it “Attention Telephone”, whereas others interpret it as “Attention Terminal” commands. AT commands allow giving instructions to both mobile devices and ordinary landline telephones. The [...]


The power of Kinect!!


Here we go The title is enough to understand the main topic of this article: Kinect. It is a powerful device released by Microsoft to improve the level of entertainment on its last console, Xbox 360. And so what? Well it’s not a simple camera… It’s able to recognize the objects in the dark as well and it has a built-in microphone to recognize the voice commands. That’s all? No! In addition there is a [...]


wxPython simple example


In our opinion, in few months/years, Python will lead the programming languages rank. Python is an interpreted language. Its aim is: simplicity and clear syntax. By the way I admire Python because it is so simple and fantastic but I would not recommend this language to a “newbie” who wants to learn a programming language. Why? Well, using C language, computer architecture and structure become pretty clear even if C is really harder than Python. Nowadays [...]


It’s time to Chrome


Hello everyone today I would like to speak to all those people who, such as me,  use the browser in several ways,surfing the net, developing or test their creations. The best browser doing this kind of job was Mozilla Firefox but its main problem has always been the amazing memory usage and  the slowness. Main highlights were definitely the plugins, for example firebug, and the simple fact the browser has always been updated to support the [...]


How to change your macaddress in Linux?


In this article I would like to explain how to change the macAddress just using 3/4 lines on shell. I will use a famous free program called macchanger already used on Backtrack. Currently I’m using Ubuntu 10.10. This process is useful for Backtrack as well. First command, let’s install macchanger if not installed: sudo apt-get install macchanger Once installed we have to follow this sequence: Set down the Ethernet/Wireless card Change the macaddress Set up [...]


How to install Nessus on Ubuntu 10.10


Buonasera guys Tonight I would like to write something really easy: How to install Nessus  on Ubuntu 10.10. It’s pretty easy. Nessus is a vulnerabily scanner released by Teenable Security and It’s free of charge for personal use in a non-enterprise environment. Its goal is to detect potential vulnerabilities  on the tested systems. First of all you need to download Nessus here. Once downloaded, double click on the file or execute the following command in [...]


How to use ArduIMU as Joystick


Yes, we used ArduIMU as joystick as well. I was watching few videos on youtube about Arduino’s projects and I found many videos showing Ardupilot simulation. There: Eureka! There is a simple process to make an Arduino Uno being recognized as Hid Device by soldering something on board but I didn’t want that way. I wanted the programming way! I decided to connect my ArduIMU to my computer via FTDI and build some script to [...]


How to read binary data from ArduIMU


Ciao a tutti!! Hello folks! I have been quite busy these last months but now I would like to share something we have worked on. Recently we bought an ArduIMU-V2(Flat), a very small platform containing a 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyroscope and accelerometer, GPS Port and other things. So, once unboxed we attached the pins(delivered with ArduIMU) to the board by soldering them and connected to our computer via a FTDI cable to upload [...]


How to use GPS in Android


Hello!!! In this article I would like to talk about GPS in Android, how it works and how to use it. In last months I learned  a lot about this feature developing more complex applications and I would try to explain you how to build a simple application. Ok here we go. To use the GPS features we have to set the permissions, so let’s copy the next block in our project’s Manifest.xml just after [...]



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